Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adding Some Green

Just a small update for today. Hubby stopped by the development yesterday to see if there was anything new. No major changes to be found, but landscaping has started! It looks so much nicer already just having some grass out front.  We STILL do not have our decorative door surround. We are the only ones left without it and I really want to make sure it's the one we're supposed to be getting, so I'm getting a little nervous on that.

Also they had started to lay the carpet in the den and living room, not sure about upstairs though. It also looks like they may be getting ready to dig the footers for the deck as the trucks were back on our lot, and I know they're not breaking ground on the 3 row of houses just for a while yet. So I'm hoping it's them getting everything prepped for the deck so that when it does get approved it can go up regardless of weather situations.

I am really hoping to get over there myself tomorrow at some point but I'm not sure I'll be able to. I've been working crazy hours at work so that I can go on vacation with one of my very best friends next week.  So I'm sad I might not be able to see my house for over a week!

A little more on the vacation...We're actually going on a Property Brothers cruise! There will be a bunch of people from HGTV on the cruise and tons of "classes" and "shows". I'm hoping this little break will take my mind off all of the drama with the house and maybe even give me a few ideas for decorating.  

So by the time I get to my next blog update, the house will probably be "done"! (Minus the deck of course)

Landscaping started, looks so much better already!

You can see the carpet padding. We upgraded this option as much as we could.

Why are they only ones with dead plants?!?
Also you can see the trucks off in the distance. I really hope they're there for our decks.

Den and living room carpeting maybe? I really can't wait to see this go it. I completely forgot what it all looks like!

Staining going well, will need some white touch up paint

Kitchen faucet is in. I wasn't sure how I'd like the oiled bronze with Uba Tuba, but I LOVE IT!
Back splash still needs to be fixed though.

Stairs coming off of the wall, it's already been marked to be fixed though. 

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